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Listening and speaking: Tour suggestions P2

Listen and say

Kitty and her classmates have just been to Shanghai. They have decided to take part in a competition.
Where can tourists go in Shanghai?
They can go to People's Square. They can see the beautiful fountains and pigeons.
They can go to Yu Garden. They can eat different local snacks.
They can go to Nanjing Road. They can buy things in large department stores.


M1U1.reading: look and say

Reading: Shanghai-an interesting city P4

Look and say

How are you getting on with your travel guide?
We've just written two pages. Would you like to read them?
Good. Let me see ...


M1U1.reading: look and read

Look and read P4-5

Shanghai---an interesting city

Shanghai is in the east of China. It is an international city. Shanghai is famous for its night views. It is one of the largest cities in the world. It is also known as a 'Shopping Paradise' because there are a lot of department stores and huge shopping centres. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists come to visit Shanghai every year to shop!

People's Square

People's Square is known as 'the centre of Shanghai'. If you go there, you will see a huge open area with green grass, trees, fountains and pigeons. There are many new buildings around the square. You will find Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Museum there.

Pudong New District

Pudong New District is in the east of Shanghai. There are many bridges and tunnels, so it is convenient to travel between Pudong and Puxi. If you go to Pudong, you can see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The Maglev takes you to the international airport in about eight minutes.


If you go to Sheshan about 30 km south-west of the city, you will see Sheshan State Resort. It has a huge park. You can see many birds in the park. You will also find a famous church and an observatory. Tourists usually go there for sightseeing and fun.


M1U1.word box

Word box P7

guide /gaɪd/ n. 指南;手册
tour /tʊə(r)/ n. 旅行;旅游
take part in 参加(活动)
pigeon /ˈpɪdʒɪn/ n. 鸽子
reason /ˈri:zn/ n. 原因;理由
creek /kri:k/ n. 小河;小溪
bund /bʌnd/ n. 堤岸
grand /grænd/ adj. (用于大建筑物等的名称)大
theatre /ˈθiətə(r)/ n. 剧院
botanical garden /bəˌtænɪkl ˈgɑ:dn/ n. 植物园
oriental /ˌɔ:riˈentl/ adj. 东方的
pearl /pɜ:l/ n. 珍珠
century /ˈsentʃəri/ n. 世纪
technology /tekˈnɒlədʒi/ n. 科技;工艺;工程技术
sightseeing /ˈsaɪtsi:ɪŋ/ n. 观光;游览
get on with 进展
(be)famous for 以……而著名
view /vju:/ n. 景色;风景
(be) known as 以 ...... 而出名
paradise /ˈpærədaɪs/ n. 天堂
therefore /ˈðeəfɔ:(r)/ adv.因此;所以
surprising /səˈpraɪzɪŋ/ adj. 令人惊奇的
district /ˈdɪstrɪkt/ n. 地区;区域
Maglev /'mæglev/ n. 磁悬浮列车
state /steɪt/ adj. 国家的
resort /rɪˈzɔ:t/ n. 度假胜地
observatory /əbˈzɜ:vətri/ n. 天文台
plaza /ˈplɑ:zə/ n. 购物中心
cruise /kru:z/ n. 乘船游览
floating /ˈfləʊtɪŋ/ adj. 不固定的;浮动的
think of 想出



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Taking Your Pet on a Trip


If you plan to take your pet on a trip, prepare ahead of time. At least two weeks before your leave, take your pet to a vet(兽医). See if he or she is fit for travel and ask if he or she should have any medicine before leaving. The vet may suggest certain pills for motion sickness(晕车)or for calming(使…镇定) the pet.

Some American states or foreign countries have health laws that say animals must have certain injections(注射) before they can be admitted. Your vet may have this information. You can also get help on the United States and Canadian laws from a book on pets which some libraries have. For information on foreign countries, check with their consulates(领事馆). You can also ask the airlines on which you are travelling. Find out if the places where you plan to stay allow pets because many do not. If you are going by plane or train, ask if pets are allowed. If they are, ask where they will be kept and who will care for them. The big inter-state(国家间的) bus lines in America do not allow pets.
Choose your pet's carrier carefully. Plastic carriers are better than fiberboard(纤维板) or wooden ones because they can't be chewed.

If going by plane or train during warm weather, try to go in the cooler early morning or evening hours. Also try to avoid very cold winter weather because pets often suffer from extreme(极端的)cold. Even in your own car, be careful. Do not leave the animal inside with the windows closed because the car may become too hot or too cold.


How to spend a long weekend

一、单句表达 (将下列句子译成英语)

(1) 读书可以扩展我们的眼界并且丰富我们的知识。

(2) 有不同种类的书籍供我们选择。





(1)Reading books can broaden our horizon and enrich our knowledge.

(2)There are different kinds of books for us to choose.

(3)Doing exercise can make us stay healthy and prevent disease.

(4)We can also do something we like, for example, we can enjoy beautiful music which can make us relaxed.

(5)If you help others, you will feel happy and meaningful.


In my opinion, it is important for us to decide what to do during a long weekend. Firstly, I will read a lot of books in order to broaden my mind. Books can keep me company when I am alone at home. Secondly, I will do my homework with my friends in KFC. We can discuss how to solve the problem. It will make us happy and enjoyable. Thirdly, it is a good chance to do some sports like playing basketball, playing volleyball or even playing football. It can keep us healthy, happy and unforgettable. Last but not least, we can do everything but not waste time.

Therefore, it is important to save time, do anything we want, whatever it is good or funny.


本文主题明确,内容充实,条理分明,不失为一篇佳作。首先一开头点题,对我们来说决定如何度过周末非常重要,此处用了It is + adj. +for sb. + to do sth. 的句型。接下来一条一条地阐明了如何度过一个有益健康的周末,条理非常清晰。文中有非常多的好词好句,例如broaden my mind, keep me company when I am alone,可见小作者平时的作文功底非常好。